Gauteng Partnership Fund
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Vision & Mission

The mandate encapsulates three (3) core functions; namely:

  1. Raise and manage the capital required for successful implementation of identified Mega Projects and specific brownfields developments within the context of urban renewal, in the Gauteng Province.
  2. Provide project management services, and serve as a turnkey developer on strategic public land, for the successful implementation of identified mega-projects in the Gauteng Province.
  3. Provide property development, management and maintenance services in respect of identified strategic brownfield urban renewal developments to generate the additional revenue required by GPF.

The Vision of the GPF is:

“GPG’s co-funder and enabler of Mega Projects in Gauteng”.

This Vision encapsulates the main elements of the revised mandate of the organization, i.e.  serving as the capital raising and the implementing agent of identified Mega Projects in Gauteng.

The  Mission of the GPF is:

“To efficiently, effectively and timeously:

  • Provide its financial partners with a sound return on investment”.