Gauteng Partnership Fund
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In support of GDHS’ mandate, the new mandate of GPF is:

“To serve as the financing, development and implementing agent for integrated, sustainable human settlement developments within the five development corridors of the Gauteng City Region”

More specifically, GPF’s mandate comprises the following key roles/functions:

  • Fundraising and investment facilitation: Use of public sector funding to leverage additional funding and facilitate capital flows into sustainable human settlements through the formation of strategic partnerships with local and international donors, development finance institutions and private sector partners;
  • Project Financing: To facilitate an equitable risk sharing and project financing model;
  • Project Funding Packaging: Development of bankable feasibility studies and innovative funding interventions to entice capital market investment in human settlements projects;
  • Project development and implementation, in terms of:
  • Coordination and Oversight – project management, monitoring and evaluation of project implementation by private sector developers and contractors.
  • Development – turnkey planning and execution of Mega Projects primarily but not exclusively on public owned land.
  • Life cycle management of immovable assets (land) transferred to GPF: Identification of strategic land parcels, acquisition and/or transfer as facilitated by GDHS, maintenance and security, develop, operate, and transfer ownership/management where applicable.

Defn:  Integrated, sustainable human settlements are inclusive of New Towns, Mega Human Settlement Projects, new post-Apartheid cities and all related infrastructure investments and developments (across sectors) that contribute to the spatial transformation and reconfiguration of the GCR. This may include projects related to the provision of student accommodation and the regeneration of existing inner cities.

In this context, GPF summarises its Value Proposition (Purpose) as follows:

To support spatial transformation and the development of integrated, sustainable human settlements across the GCR through strategic partnerships, innovative funding solutions and effective project development, implementation and land management

Based on the above, GPF’s vision, mission, and values have been formulated to provide overall direction and inspiration in meeting and exceeding the mandate.