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What we do

The strategic goals of the GPF are derived from the analysis of the environment, key risks and challenges and strategic issues that the organisation should address; and are aligned to both national and provincial strategic priorities and outcomes, and the GDHS Strategic Plan 2014–2019.

Individually, each goal represents an aspiration the GPF seeks to achieve as it pursues its mission (aim). Collectively, the goals define the full range of the GPF’s role and focus. The attainment of each goal will require GPF specific focus as well as, importantly, support and collaboration from both internal and external stakeholders.

The five (5) Strategic Goals of the GPF to 2018/19 are as follows:

  1. A visible, reputable and preferred partner in the affordable housing market;
  2. Affordable housing delivered in support of governments programme of special transformation, sustainability and inclusivity;
  3. An enhanced capital position, optimised financial management and good governance for the GPF.
  4. A high performing and values-driven organisation; and
  5. A well governed, compliant and integrated organisation.

The 5 Strategic Outcome-Orientated Goals will enable the Gauteng Partnership Fund to effectively focus and prioritise its options in delivering on its mandate.